Use Nerf Bars to Improve Your Truck’s Safety

by Houston Off Road Pros on May 24, 2013 · Off Road

Most people have nerf bars fixed on their trucks, but are not even aware of what they really are. Nerf bars simply refer to “step bars” or “side steps”, used in trucks and other types of lifted vehicles. They are fixed, running along the sides of the truck, just below its lower edge. Today, most people use them instead of running boards. By installing nerf bars onto your truck, you will not need to do any form of drilling. Typically, most nerf bars for sale simply require a bolt. This will help in holding the step bars into place, so that they do not break loose when you are driving.

Use Nerf Bars to Improve Your Truck’s Safety

A typical nerf bar is often made from stainless steel, chrome, or even powder-coated steel. You can always choose the material which you want the nerf bars made from. However, keep in consideration that those that are made from powder-coated steel are ideal for those who are thinking of painting the nerf bars to match the color of the truck. Nerf bars made of stainless steel could also be a great choice, because of their durability and sturdy nature. Besides, they are also very easy to maintain.

Nerf bars are ideal for the purposes of safety and convenience, since they have the potential of protecting the truck from damage when you are driving around. However, other people also use nerf bars to simply enhance the appearance of their trucks. Nerf bars can also be used as steps for climbing up into the truck.

There are two common kinds of nerf bars in Houston that most people use on their trucks today. These include; Sport and Wheel to Wheel nerf bars. The difference between the two is that; Sport bars are shorter in length, in comparison to Wheel to Wheel bars. The choice of the ideal nerf bars should be based on the model of your truck, as well as your personal needs.

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