Easy Ways To Improve the Appearance of Your Off Road Truck

by Houston Off Road Pros on August 10, 2018 · Off Road

Just bought a truck and want to give it that off road appearance? Don’t want to spend a fortune, but would like your truck to standout? You have it! With a few simple tips, you can significantly improve the appearance of your truck and customize it to your own taste without having to break your bank account.

Easy Ways To Improve the Appearance of Your Off Road Truck

Off Road Rims and Tires

Aftermarket rims on your off road truck will dramatically boost its appearance, particularly when combined with all-terrain tires that have aggressive tread patterns to handle rough roads. Just be careful about the size and fitting of your rims and tires, as they will directly impact your truck’s balance, speed and stability as you go on the road.

Headlights, Light Bars and Other Lights

Headlights are the front-face of your truck, and having well-illuminated ones will greatly improve the appearance of your off road truck on the road. Newer truck models are already fitted with LED lamps, but if your truck does not or you want to go with a different look, you can spend around $1,000 to replace your old headlamps with LED ones or modify them with HIDs (High Intensity Discharge lamps) that will significantly improve their illumination. This core modification is highly more efficient than simply fitting external LED bulbs that might create more glare without actually shedding additional lighting on the road.

Truck with Off Road Lights

Apart from headlights, you can also fit your truck with LED lights on the front and back license plates, door borders, truck puddle and truck ceiling (light bars), all of which will give a remarkable look to your off road truck. However, when purchasing the LED lamps, choose higher SMD ratings (Surface Mount Diodes) – 5630 SMD or higher, to ensure better illumination.

Front Grille

With highly illuminated headlights and aggressive looking off road rims & tires, you would want your truck to further stand out with a big front grille that will help you make your statement. Front grilles can be easily purchased and installed, with a wide range of models and prices available in the market today. Some front grilles can be fitted over the existing truck grille, while others need to replace them. The pricing will obviously depend on the quality and brand, but regardless of which one you choose, front grilles are crucial boosting elements for the appearance of your off road truck.

Suspension Lift Kits and Leveling Kits

To improve your truck’s appearance, you are probably excited about adding height to it. After all, lifting your truck’s suspension will allow you to fit larger tires without facing rubbing or friction problems. Several leveling kits and suspension lifting kits are available in the market, with prices ranging from $50 to $3,000+, offering an increase between one and eighteen inches to the height of your truck. Although most of the kits’ price may not be too expensive, the installation costs can go above $1,000, particularly if you get it installed by a trusted dealer, such as Houston Off Road Pros.

Chevy Silverado HD with Suspension Lift Kit

Note this modification is typically on top of the list of off road enthusiasts, but a real suspension lift is not easy and requires a $1,000+ investment. For that reason, this mod is at the bottom of our list. The most economical option to achieve an off road look is if you go with a leveling kit, which start at $50. However, you will still pay around $300-$500 to get it professionally installed.

Running Boards

Steel or aluminum running boards come in handy with your lift kit. It adds a special effect to the appearance of your off road truck and makes it stand out from the rest. They also provide better protection to you and your passengers when compared to the factory fitted side boards. The cost of running boards is between $300 and $800, which is still cheaper than the professional installation cost of your lift kit.

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