Houston Electricity Companies Are Spending Millions to Stay Competitive

by Houston Off Road Pros on August 14, 2018 · News

Isn’t it great there’s a lot of Houston electricity companies to choose from? In other parts of the country, you have 1 single electricity company that serves your energy. But in Texas, you’ve got lots of choices. So it comes as no surprise that these companies are spending millions of dollars, to be the most competitive.

If you’ve looked at Houston electricity rates, then you know that every company offers special pricing on some of their energy plans. This, of course, is to tempt you to switch from your current company over to theirs. Whether they are a brand new electricity company or have been in business for decades, this is one of the most popular tactics. You’ll also see special offers, such as free nights or free weekends electricity.

Electricity companies also advertise. It’s that catchy jingle you can’t get out of your head and wind up singing in the shower! You may see the commercials on cable TV or on social media. Or perhaps you hear them while heading to work on your morning commute. That electricity company wants to nudge you, remind you that they are the #1 company that you should choose.

Houston Electricity Companies Are Spending Millions to Stay Competitive

But there are other ways these Houston electricity companies spend money that you might not even realize. These could be part of the reason you’ve chosen them vs. another company, which is why they’ve taken the risk to do it! Here are some of the most popular ways you’ll see Texas energy companies spending money to get their customers’ attention.

Helping the Houston Community

Electricity companies, such as 4Change Energy donates 4% of their profits right back into Texas community charities. The four they are helping now are Feeding Texas, the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross and Heroes for Children. What is really terrific is that when you sign up for your electricity plan, you as the customer get to select one of the 4 charities that touches your heart the most! So they make the contribution of their profits for you.

Champion Energy helps their community too. Both with monetary donations and by having employees volunteer for charities. They help the Boys and Girls Club, youth sports activities and scholarships. They also help families and individuals who are homeless through the Houston Food Bank and the Star of Hope. They go the extra mile too, and help customers in need who may need help paying their electricity bill, through their Champion Energy Power Partners Program, which connects with local charities such as Sheltering Arms and Community Services of Northeast Texas.

Giving back to the community is an important thing to do, and many customers take note of this when choosing any type of company they want to do business with. It shows that you truly care about the people who live there. This also can be one of the indicators that a company provides five star customer service, because people matter to them, not just the bottom line.

Looking at how a company helps in the Houston community can also give you a sense if you want to do business with them. But when they give money to the community, this costs them revenue they are not putting in their pockets. This is money they are spending to be competitive, even if they truly do care about the community.

Giving Money and Rewards to Customers

At Bounce Energy, customers earn rewards such as gift cards and bill credits. If you refer friends and family to Bounce Energy, you instantly receive a $50 credit on your electricity bill. What’s really great too is that your friend or family member gets a $50 bill credit too!

Cirro Energy has a special offer for their customers, through their Smart Lock program, where customers can get a $50 bill credit. This is only for their 12 Web Exclusive plan.

Frontier Utilities offers bill credits when you refer family and friends. Not only that, but you can refer an unlimited number of people, which is something that not every company does.

Lots of customers are thrilled to see any type of rewards program, where you can get a bill credit or even a gift card! Why, there are plenty of times we recommend a company and don’t even get a simple Thank You. But here you get so much more than that. Any practical person can see these electricity companies are doing it, to lure more customers their way. They also are hoping their current customers will make the effort to refer them. But each time they provide a bill credit, this is money that they are not earning. These electricity companies in Houston, TX are making an investment in their future.

New Services for Customers

Direct Energy is an innovator, offering lots of new services that tie in to the up-to-the-moment technology. They have services that connect with Amazon’s Alexa. Direct Energy has services that work with Amazon’s Echo Dot in Texas. This spring they released the world’s first micro energy hedging platform that benefits Texas businesses.

It is great to see your electricity company doing even more to satisfy needs you didn’t even realize you had. When they exceed your expectations by offering more services and planning ahead of time, that is a company that is planning for the future. But make no mistake: this is also an electricity company that is investing millions upon millions into research to understand exactly what their customers’ need.

So…which Houston electricity company will you do business with? The one who has spent and planned the most wisely, we think!

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