Houston Electricity Companies Are Spending Millions to Stay Competitive

August 14, 2018

Isn’t it great there’s a lot of Houston electricity companies to choose from? In other parts of the country, you have 1 single electricity company that serves your energy. But in Texas, you’ve got lots of choices. So it comes as no surprise that these companies are spending millions of dollars, to be the most competitive. If you’ve looked at Houston electricity rates, then you know that every company offers special pricing on some of their energy plans. This, of […]

Window Tint Helps Protect Your Privacy and Belongings

March 26, 2014

Window tint is very important, as it helps to ensure that your privacy and security of our belongings is not compromised. Burglars can easily be tempted to break into your vehicle if all your accessories are easily visible from outside. The window tints are made from polyester material that limits the amount of sunlight that penetrates into your vehicle. This in turn makes it difficult for anyone to see through tinted windows. Lock Out Excess Sun Rays Advanced tints have […]