Headache Racks – Truck Cab Protectors

Looking for a headache rack in Houston, but you’re wondering “What is it?” You know that aluminum/steel rack mounted on the bed rail just behind the cab of a pick-up truck? Yeah, that’s it. Many people know what headache racks are, but they have no idea what they’re called. This is mainly due to the fact that they are usually referred to as cab protectors. The name itself is derived from the specific intention of this accessory. You can buy top-quality headache racks in Houston, TX, at Houston Off Road Pros. We sell and install headache racks at affordable prices.

Headache Racks in Houston, Texas Husky Headache Racks

There is a lot of speculation as to where the term “headache rack” originated from, but that in itself is a story for another day. The main function of a headache rack is to prevent stuff from crashing through the back window and injuring the driver. This is risky, especially for people who tend to carry tools at the back of their pick-up truck. Think of anything from vice grips, skill saws, to hammers. If not properly fitted, these tools can be tossed around at the back of your pick up and end up crashing into the glass and possibly severely injuring you or your passenger.

Headache racks act as kind of a buffer for negligence. It is quite common for someone to just throw a set of tools at the back of a pick-up truck and drive off. What these racks do, is; reduce the risk factor if these tools do get excited and try to ram into the back of the truck. But, that is not the limit of their function. Headache racks do, as well, provide a great place to put emergency signal lights, and you can even go further and mount cargo lights on them. Headache racks are an integral part of your Silverado, F-150, Ram, or any other truck, and buying from Houston Off Road Pros will save you a lot of hassles. Houston Off Road Pros has headache racks for sale in Houston, Texas.