Grille Guards Houston

Grille Guards in Houston, TX

September 3, 2013

One of the most crucial parts of an off road vehicle is the grille guard. Its benefits cannot be over told when you consider its protective value and the beauty aspect on the truck. Grille guards were originally for protecting the inner delicate; the headlights and the bonnet of an off road vehicle. But with recent revolutions in the motor industry, grille guards have become so useful in offering an extra space for storage of spare parts, like; the towing […]

Interesting Facts About Grille Guards

May 25, 2013

Grille guards are professionally designed accessories that offer protection to the vulnerable parts of a vehicle. They protect trucks from natural and other hazards on the road. Sometimes a driver might see a buck, deer or any other animal within a short range while driving. Grille guards offer protection to headlights at such situations. They help a vehicle owner avoid replacing expensive headlight glass after such accidents. Thus, when fixed properly, grille guards protect the front end of a vehicle, […]