Window Tint

Window Tint Helps Protect Your Privacy and Belongings

March 26, 2014

Window tint is very important, as it helps to ensure that your privacy and security of our belongings is not compromised. Burglars can easily be tempted to break into your vehicle if all your accessories are easily visible from outside. The window tints are made from polyester material that limits the amount of sunlight that penetrates into your vehicle. This in turn makes it difficult for anyone to see through tinted windows. Lock Out Excess Sun Rays Advanced tints have […]

Window Tint in Houston, TX

August 13, 2013

The most common reason for window tinting in Houston, TX is to get protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ultraviolet radiation is bad for the skin. It also causes damages to upholstery and flooring of the vehicle. With tinted windows, you don’t have to worry about getting exposed to UV rays. Your upholstery also lasts longer. With transparent windows, the upholstery fades quickly due to the constant exposure to sunlight. Most vehicles come with transparent windows. That’s why […]