What To Expect From A Leveling Kit

by Houston Off Road Pros on March 7, 2014 · Off Road

A leveling kit is basically an option provided for vehicles, which can be used to customize or otherwise change the original appearance of a given truck or SUV. Suspension leveling kits can be used for different customizing effects on different pick-up trucks and SUVs. For example; a leveling kit can be used to get rid of the ‘nosedive’ appearance commonly seen on the standard models of trucks.

What To Expect From A Leveling Kit

Leveling Kits Add Lift To A Vehicle

Apart from the above, leveling kits can also be used to add lift to a vehicle, thus giving room for mounting larger tires. That is, owners of vehicles of smaller tire sizes can use leveling kits to improve the tire size to allow them mount large size tires about 2’’ additional to the standard tire size of a given vehicle model.

A leveling kit can also be used as a lift kit to increase the distance between the ground and the vehicle model. To do this, the kit will usually be placed either above or below the front springs of the vehicle, up to the level of suspension. A leveling kit is used in this manner to prevent the body of a vehicle from scratching against the ground. To do this, the suspension leveling kit is usually used together with body lifts for the purpose aforementioned.

Leveling Kits Functions

Depending on the function, leveling kits can exist as strut extensions (commonly for trucks and SUVs), torsion keys, coil spacers and block kits. Although often overlooked as compared to body lifts, leveling kits are important, especially when it comes to lifting vehicles. This is because unlike body lifts, a leveling kit can be used on both the rear and front areas.

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