Choosing The Best Bumpers For Your Jeep

by Houston Off Road Pros on July 25, 2013 · Off Road

Bumpers are so functional in off road 4×4 Jeep vehicles. Basically, they take the impact, hence protecting the inner parts, especially the engine. In overall, when choosing a suitable bumper for your Jeep, bear in mind the need of that bumper. Although beauty is still an important factor while choosing Jeep bumpers, function is more crucial. A Jeep bumper needs to be smaller, but tough. It can be rigidly fixed on the chassis of the vehicle, both on the front and rear.

Choosing The Best Bumpers For Your Jeep

What Is The Purpose Of Your New Jeep Bumper?

When looking for a particular bumper for your Jeep, think of whether you take your Jeep often into extreme off road conditions, like mud. In such a case, you realize you can get stuck in the mud. You need a bumper that comes with an allowance for passing a peg to the chassis in order to hook the vehicle during towing, when stuck in the mud. Some pegs could also come fixed on the bumper itself. In this case you just might need a very strong Jeep bumper. On the same note, you might want a bumper that offers a fairly good clearance from the bonnet. Such a space is good to accommodate items like coiled towing wire, clamp and other tools.

It is also important to decide on which off road bumpers look more attractive and natural on your Jeep. Whether big, small, bull bar, rugged square, bolted or welded bumpers, look for a replacement that looks similar to the original ones for your make of Jeep. You can, however, look out for newer Jeep bumpers that might be different, but better on your Jeep.

Jeep Bumpers: Steel Alloy or Aluminum Alloy

Lastly, steel alloy bumpers are common for Jeep, as well as iron and aluminum alloy bumpers. Do not be duped by rogue sellers who might sell you colorful Jeep bumpers that are of poor quality materials. Always insist on buying from reputable and reliable Jeep dealers or Jeep maintenance centers, because that is where you are assured of finding authentic Jeep bumpers.

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