Lift Kits VS Leveling Kits

by Houston Off Road Pros on July 22, 2013 · Off Road

Lift Kits VS Leveling Kits – Are you thinking on modifying the suspension of your truck, but are unsure whether you should get lift kits or leveling kits? Most people believe they can only lower of lift the suspension of their trucks, but there’s an alternative to slightly lifting your truck, and that is; leveling kits. In this post we will go over the differences between lift kits and leveling kits, so you can make a more informed decision.

When you bought your new truck straight from its manufacturer, you found that it’s very basic. You will probably are going to want to add on to it some specialties, particular to your taste and the task you have for the vehicle. Chances are that you may want to lift it up a bit or level it out more.

Lift Kits VS Leveling Kits

Leveling Kits Benefits

The beauty with new vehicles is that they have great potential for modification. When you wish to raise it up to give it a different look or a better ground clearance, you can add on some lift kits to the suspension of the vehicle. On the other hand, when you realize that your new 4×4 SUV or truck leans a bit to the front or to the rear, since that is the common design formula with trucks, you may decide you want to bring it to the same level. This improved level out means; more balance on the road, better ground clearance on the raised side and increased eye appeal. This lateral leveling is accomplished by a set of kits known as leveling kits.

Lift Kits Benefits

Going back to lift kits, it is important to explain to your mechanic which kind of lift you want on your truck. If you want more ground clearance for your truck, apply suspension lift kits. This aims at lifting your truck on its chassis or bottom, to allow fixing of larger off road wheels and tires. But when looking to simply increase the aesthetic properties, by lifting the body alone, such body lifts kits, like spacers and blocks can be used. Body lift kits aim at raising the frame of the truck, but without notable increase in ground clearance.

Lift Kits VS Leveling Kits: Which Do You Need?

In all cases of suspension lifts, it is so important to understand the functional difference between the lift kits and the leveling kits, in order to understand which to apply to meet your lifting requirements.

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